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VIÑA AXARKÍA Moscatel Dulce Natural 0,5L

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Producent: Dimobe
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Type of wine: Maestro Moscatel Wine (Dulce)

Designation of Origin: Málaga

Grape varieties used:

Moscatel de Alejandria (Moscatel de Málaga)

Elaboration: This is a wine made of Moscatel de Alejandría or Moscatel de Málaga that comes from the steep slopes of the Axarquía Mountains, with slaty and very poor soils. This traditional variety is used to make a pale sweet wine from the hand-picked grapes, which are transported in small crates to the winery. We only use the purest grape juice, which is obtained smashing the grapes while they are separated of their stalks before they go to the press machine. The free-run juice is poured into stainless steel tanks for its cold clarification. 8% alcohol is added to the grape juice before it starts to ferment. This action will bring a very slow and incomplete fermentation, obtaining a sweet wine.

Analytical features:

Alcoholic strength: 15%

Reducing sugars: about 110 gr./l.

How to serve: Serve at a temperature of 10 °C.

Characteristics: Pale yellow, clean and brilliant colour, flavours of fresh grapes and notes of white flowers. In the mouth, good balance between acidity and sweetness.

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