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VILLAGE Vino de Vila 2020

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Producent: Xose Lois Sebio
Kod produktu: B686-4543D


Village 2020 It is a wine made mainly from Albariño, Treixadura and other varieties. Old vineyards bought over the years in the town of Gomariz. This wine comes from the centennial vines of As Viñas, O Forcadal and younger ones from Os Canos. Mix of plots of the same villa. A "village" is a village wine, from "vila". The combination of different plots that provide depth, elegance and concentration. The complexity, freshness and aromatic intensity is provided by the Albariño. The mouth is sweet, round, intense, elegant, the Treixadura. Originality, minority grapes. The unprecedented texture on the palate is from clay soils; the structure, of the Treixadura; and the xistos of Gomariz highlight the mineral notes, fused together with a balanced acidity that lengthens the wine in the mouth. It came with finesse, elegance, intensity and complexity. The personality and history of a wine that shows all the greatness of the town where it was born.

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