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VENUS 2015

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Producent: Venus la Universal
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Venus 2014 Venus is the result every year in our search for beauty. An attempt to interpret the feminine, the earth, through a bottle of wine: Carignan, Grenache and Syrah, mystery and seduction, speech and wealth, peace, patience, balance and passion. A juicy wine, mostly intended for the food, especially the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Plots and Soil: We work with 4 parcels of Grenache and Carignan old vines located between Pinyana and Crossos. A ridge vineyard with both North and South sides from argilocalcaris soil, deep soil and wet to allow slow ripening and long. The Syrah comes from our plot Venus La Universal.

Some words about Winemaking and Ageing: Grapes are harvested by plots, selected and processed separately, but finally we try to ferment all together if the vintage allow us. Grapes are processed as whole berries and with some stems from Grenache, fermenting with wild native yeast, with slightly pigeage during fermentation and maceration, that takes around 28 and 32 days in wood tanks. Venus is aged in a 4000l wood vat during 18 months.

Vital composition: Grenache 50% Carignan 40% Syrah 10%

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