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VALTUILLE Godello 2019

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Producent: Castro Ventosa
Kod produktu: C544-96011


Grape variety: 100% godello

Plots: Unique plot in the place “El Val”, with west orientation.

Soils: Clay soils with stones.

Climate: Continental and atlantic.

Anual production: 800 bottles.

Wine description: Valtuille Godello  is made with grapes from the area “El Val”, The orientation of the area makes it one of the coolest areas in Valtuille, where the ripening of the grape arrives twenty days later than in the opposite place, Villegas, located just about one hundred meters away.

Elaboration: The grape is collected manually in a single day.When we reach the winery, after destemming, we take the grapes by gravity to stainless steel tanks of 5.000 liters. Here it remains cold for 24 hours.Subsequently we make the pressing, keeping the must another 24 hours in the tank for its natural debourbaged.After this process, we transfer the must to 500 liter French oak barrels, in which fermentation takes place and subsequent aging during a natural year. After that period, the barrels are emptied for bottling.

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