VALDESPINO Vinagre de Jerez Reserva 0,25L

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Dostępność: duża ilość
Cena: 27,00 zł 27.00
Cena netto: 21,95 zł
ilość szt.
Ocena: 0
Producent: Grupo Estevez
Kod produktu: F2A5-85355
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Valdespino Sherry Vinegar Reserva originates from Sherry wine produced from the Palomino grape and grown in our renowned "Macharnudo" vineyard in Jerez and aged in American oak casks for over twelve years using the Criadera and Solera System. The vinegar has a deep amber colour and is very penetrating on the nose with concentrated aromas of Sherry wine and oak. It is dry to the palate and is the perfect accompaniment for gazpacho, salads, fish and game.

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