VALDESPINO Palo Cortado Viejo C.P.

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Producent: Grupo Estevez
Kod produktu: E86D-749E4
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Taking its name 'CP' from Calle Ponce, the street where the solera was once stored, this is a classic single vineyard Palo Cortado. This rare style of Sherry derives its own name from a chalk marking on the barrel to denote the contents. The grapes come from 50 year old vines in our single vineyard Inocente in the famous Pago Macharnudo Alto area. A very watchful eye is kept on the development of the young wine and any which shows the special characteristics needed, will be selected to follow a different path. This wine will then gradually flow through the 4 CP criaderas and solera ready for bottling with an average age of 25 years. Availability is limited. This superb wine has a light mahogany colour with intense yet elegant aromas of hazelnuts, walnuts and faint traces of spice. On the palate it is dry and very refined with nutty flavours and a gentle minerality and traces of oak. It is very versatile with food, being a great partner for spicy dishes, casseroles, cured cheeses and smoked meats.

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