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VALDESPINO Moscatel Promesa

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Producent: Grupo Estevez
Kod produktu: 2FBC-245CC



Moscatel is a highly aromatic grape which grows near the coast in the Chipiona area and makes delicious sweet Sherry. The production process is similar to that used for the Pedro Ximénez whereby the grapes are picked super ripe and dried in the sun to concentrate their natural sweetness. While sweet, Moscatel is less so than PX but every bit as fruity. The wine is aged in the solera system for over 8 years, and then some of it goes for bottling, while the rest supplies the solera for the legendary top of the range Moscatel Toneles. Promesa is amber to mahogany in colour with fresh citric, floral and honeyed notes on the nose, while on the palate it is fresh and luscious with the perfect balance between sweetness and fruity acidity. It is ideal served chilled, with fresh fruit desserts and citrus sorbets.

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