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Producent: Roqueta Origen
Kod produktu: AEE8-557A6


Made mainly with the autochtonus variety Trepat, the most-identity related grape from la Conca de Barberà, region located in the north of the province of Tarragona, and a part of Merlot.

Both varieties, vinified and made separately, are joined in a blending that expresses the virtues of each one of them: the Trepat variety that contributes a modern profile to the wine, lightness, freshness, a lively acidity and a refreshing finish on the palate. The Merlot variety gives body, volume and sweet notes.

The result, a fresh wine, light, with low alcohol content, balanced and vibrant, with a nice touch of rusticity, and of smooth tannins. Three months of aging in oak barrel to round the wine.

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