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TOCAT de l'ALA 2017 MAGNUM 1,5L

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Producent: Coca y Fitó
Kod produktu: 54DE-74371


This is where the wineries of Coca i Fitó and Roig Parals have joined forces to make remarkable, quality orientated wines which strive to express the lands of the DO Empordà with every sip we take. Old vine Grenache and Carignan with a dash of Syrah are the main protagonists. Their character is shaped by the flint and slate-based soils. The vineyards are tended using sustainable “integrated” farming methods. Wines produced on the property provide freshness, fruit and minerality to the palate.

Tocat de l'Ala Negre:

D.O. Emporda

Red wine from DO Empordà made from a selection of grapes from old vines in various villages of Alt Empordà.  Made traditionally, with a brief period in oak barrel in order to soften the wine and to integrate the various wines originating from different vineyard sites.  Grapes harvested at full ripeness for a finely textured palate.  A wine characterized by its fruitiness and freshness.  A wine easy to appreciate!


55% Carignan – 30 -80 year-old vines
35% Grenache – 30-80 year-old vines
10% Syrah – 15-30 year-old-vines


4 months in French and American oak barrels

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