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TELMO RODRÍGUEZ MR Mountain Wine 2021

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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: D534-360D6


MR is the gateway to the historic natural sweet wines of Malaga. Wine made with the little must obtained after pressing the golden raisins of the old vineyards of Cómpeta.

Region: Málaga

Village: Cómpeta

Places: Malacapa, Ventarral, Cerro Gourman, Alto la Zorra

Varieties: 100% Moscatel de Alejandría

Viticulture:  Vineyards of suppliers. Traditional, reasoned viticulture. 100% bushvines. Two harvests, manual in boxes; one from the vineyard to the drying place (“pasero”) and another one from there to the winery.

Elaboration and aging: Native yeast, spontaneous stop of fermentation. Aged for 10 months in stainless steel tanks.

Soils:  Very steep vineyards facing south and west, located at around 550 meters asl. Shallow, stony and fine textured soils developed from Paleozoic schists.

Vintage characteristics: 2018 was the antithesis of 2017: a cool, very late, and very wet year. Budbreak occurred in the middle of April, and veraison was even further delayed until the end of July / beginning of August. After a long harvest from end of August until mid-October, the “asoleo” (drying of the grapes) was also long and late. We had to discard some bunches with botrytis, but the transformed grapes compensated us with very good acidity and pH in the must.

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