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SOFROS Crianza 2016

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Producent: Quinta Esencia Bodegueros
Kod produktu: BE64-265B9


Vineyard age:

88 years.

Grape variety:

Tinta de Toro.

Barrel aging:

15 months in new frech 255 l barrels


Made with tinta de toro grape from very gently cared vineyards of 5 hectares, located in a village called Morales de Toro in the territorial región of Zamora, at 705 metres of altitude.

2015, a year with slightly higher temperatures than expected. After a winter with milder low temperatures, spring was characterised by stormy weather and high temperatures that led to early budding. An early summer heat wave and more storms gave way to an autumn with moderate temperatures that allowed the small grapes to mature adequately.


Sediments of sandstones, clays and limestones, with boulders on surface. Low content of organic material and an unbalanced on acidit and pH.

Wine tasting:

This fine, purple-tinged red wine reveals a complex bouquet that combines wood and dark fruits. An aroma that lingers on the palate, announcing the unparalleled pleasure that only Sofros can provide. Marvellous Toro!!!

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