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SKIN CONTACT Albariño 2018

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Producent: Península Vinicultores
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Peninsula Skin Contact is an orange wine that explores the complexity and nuances of long maceration of white grapes on their skins. At Peninsula, we love well-made orange wines and believe in the relevance of the category, beyond current fashion. Spain and Castile in particular have a long tradition in skin contact whites, which we think deserves to be explored and updated. Our wine is made from a single, experimental parcel of Albariño grapes, grown organically in our estate in Cuenca. The climate is dry and very continental. An altitude of 700-800m leads to a wide daily temperature range and cool nights, helping our Albariño to develop remarkable aromatic intensity early in the ripening cycle. This allows us to pick it early, with moderate potential alcohol and preserving its naturally high acidity. The grapes are harvested, destemmed and fermented in a small stainless steel tank and then kept on the skins for as long as the winemaking team considers that the maceration adds to the complexity and texture of the wine. The 2018 vintage spent 182 days on skins. The wine needed no fining and was stabilized naturally, by chilling and gravity. Skin contact creates a protective, reductive environment, allowing us to limit sulphur dioxide use to only one minimum addition prior to bottling, taking the total SO2 level to only 36ppm. A light filtration before bottling contributes to the purity of aromas, prevents future spoilage and will allow the wine to develop beautifully in bottle for the next years.

TASTING NOTE: The wine displays a bright, light amber colour. The aroma is very complex and grows in the glass, combining primary stone fruit with intriguing notes of orange peel, grapefruit and ginger. A very versatile and gastronomic wine, combining lightness and the mouth-watering freshness of the variety on the palate with the textural depth of the skin contact. The finish is remarkably long and satisfyingly dry, underscored with a firm, but fine tannic grip.

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