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SAFRÁ 2021

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Producent: Celler del Roure
Kod produktu: 5CE4-50848


“I am sure there are plenty of ways to explain this new wine but to make it easy let’s do it in three. First, what Robert Parker’s magazine says, second what I say and last what my father says.

"The surprise came with the new medium range red from the ancient wines that are new with the 2015 vintage, the 2015 Safrà, named after the Valencian word for saffron, fermented in old stone lagares (and part in stainless steel) with some 30% full clusters. It's a mainly Mandó with some 15% between Monastrell and Garnacha Tintorera matured in buried terracotta amphorae for six months. This is by far the most radical and different wine I've ever tasted from Celler del Roure. Not only that, I think it's a wine that starts to show the naked character of the region without any makeup, with some rusticity, Mediterranean but keeping good freshness. The colour is a bright ruby, the lightest of all the reds I tasted this time, and the nose shows bright berry fruit without any hints of excess ripeness, not terribly complex, clean and precise. The palate follows the same path, great freshness, a silky texture and great acidity. A fresh Mediterranean red to drink by the boatload without having to think too much. The bright fruit and the balsamic aromas made me think of some País bottlings from Chile. This was a surprise from Celler del Roure. A nice surprise! This is the red I want to drink from the portfolio. 15,000 bottles were filled in April 2016."

 The Wine Advocate. Luís Guitierrez. June 2016.

I would say that we are trying to explain our grapes, our vineyard and our project in a better way. For a few years now we have been trying to harvest our grapes at a not too mature point and also making less extraction, producing in this way a new and fresh mediterranean wine which is called safrà and it will be a mandó, a fluent mandó and more alive, with more electrifying sensations, with more of a white wine soul. Having gained more wisdom about the vineyard over the years, we have been thinking a lot about the growing and the process and we have finally found the type of wine we were looking for, that we really like and is in line with our commitment to this unfairly forgotten and lost variety. We have learned that mandó is a variety that lets us harvest a little bit earlier and that it intensifies the personality we are looking for, and expresses it better if we do it in old stone lagares, partially with whole bunches of grapes, prolonged macerations but done at low temperatures and very very softly. The terracotta amphorae of the underground winery are the happy ending of the story. These mandó wines will develop wonderfully well in terracotta amphorae. The image on its label is also a dragonfly but this time in a colour between yellow and orange that reflects the colour of some of the great meals made with saffron.

 My father, who you already know is a crack, is capable of simplifying all this into one sentence:

 “Safrà is like an ancient wedding night”

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