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RECAREDO Relats de Viticultor 2018

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Producent: Recaredo
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Relats is a project carried out by Recaredo in partnership with Penedès winegrowers We make Relats de Viticultors from grapes grown on carefully selected plots owned by Recaredo and other winegrowers in the Penedès region with whom we share our vision of cultivating the land in a way that keeps it alive, full of biodiversity, and in balance with the ecosystem.

We give priority to low-yield vineyards and dry-farmed crops, an approach that gives our wines their characteristic Mediterranean identity while also ensuring responsible management of scarce water resources.

We care for the vines and the natural environment by using organic viticulture practices, and we’re committed to diversity in varieties that have historically defined the essence of the Penedès region. We select and pick individual grape bunches by hand during the harvest season.

We take full responsibility for the vinification and winemaking process, carried out on our family-owned estate, and maintain the connection with the grapes by using concentrated organic must as the nutrient source for the second fermentation.

We’re also committed to the use of natural cork stoppers for bottle ageing. Cork comes from a regenerative activity, which means its use is 100% sustainable and supports responsible land management. What’s more, cork generates no waste and is recyclable. We’re keeping alive the tradition of manual disgorgement to remove sediment from aged wine and perform an organoleptic check on each bottle.

Relats de Viticultors is made without added sugars or the use of liqueur d’expedition after the second fermentation. That makes it a brut nature that aims to showcase the climate, varieties and territory, with a style that’s as forthright and transparent as possible.

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