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PUR Xarello 2017

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Producent: Celler Pardas
Kod produktu: 7AA2-794F8



"Why this Xarel.lo and not another wine?

Because we firmly believe that it is our most noble variety. More than any other one allows us to express our terroir like Xarel.lo does.

We also think that it is the white autochthonous variety with the highest aging potential: High alcohol content, good acidity and total climate adaptation.

We also defend Xarel.lo as a matter of tradition. With PARDAS Pur Xarel.lo we wanted to express our most personal vision from a current perspective of a wine that was humbly made in the past by almost every viticulturist in their farmhouses in our territory.

PARDAS Pur Xarel.lo 2017 was made with the conviction that the Xarel.lo grape variety has all the characteristics and the potential for becoming a great wine for aging, and that the future lies in valuing native varieties.

A distinct and authentic wine, a clear reflection of our soils and a fair viticulture."

Vintage: 2017

Production: 4859 bottles and 112 magnums

Origin: Vinya la Vella (1979)

Soils: Shallow poor soils in organic mattter. High active lime content. These conditions are always perfect for a great Xarel.lo.

Varieties: 100% xarel.lo

Viticulture: Neither herbicides, pesticides nor any other chemicals were used on any of the vines planted to make our Xarel.lo. We do not plough the ground and we leave the grasses and plants to protect the soil.

Harvest date: 26/8/17

Winemaking: 100% hand picked grapes. Grapes are slightly crushed and destemmed. Free run must: 55%. Spontaneous fermentation.


48% in 500 frech new oak barrels during 8 months.

52% in 1600l concrete egg during 8 months.


Alcohol content: 12.5 % vol.
Total acidity: 4.30 g/l

Volatile acidity: 0.45 g/l

So2: 20/57

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