Oliwki EMPELTRE z pestką

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Dostępność: duża ilość
Wysyłka w: 3 dni
Cena: 12,95 zł 12.95
zawiera 23% VAT, bez kosztów dostawy
Cena netto: 10,53 zł
bez 23% VAT i kosztów dostawy
ilość szt.
Ocena: 0
Producent: Aceitunas Losada
Kod produktu: AE22-959B6
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Cultivated in Aragon. It stands out because of its intense black color, caused by a late harvest once the fruit reaches it complete ripeness in the tree. Waiting until this point gives the fruit a soft texture with an extreme firm skin. This firm skin has enabled the fruit to stay in the tree until being totally ripe.

You  can appreciate in your mouth a very intense flavor, due to high oil content and to its creamy texture, almost sweet at the end.

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