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O CON Albariño 2019

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Producent: Viños de Encostas
Kod produktu: 6711-2073A


O Con is the result of some old Albariño strains from the Aios area, in Sanxenxo. (Rias Baixas – Pontevedra – Galicia). The grapes come from an old hillside vineyard plot, with spruce soils, on top of an old tungsten mine. Traditional viticulture and sea breeze.

The freshness, depth and meatiness of the old vines allow us a deep, elegant and sapid wine. Its cultivation stuck to the coast on xistos, supposes a lower production, but contributes more personality and aromatic intensity. Minerality and fruity in equal parts. His personality makes it different.

Label Meaning: O Con is a large marine rock near the coast. It is what is reflected in the illustration. It is located near the vineyards. O CON is a marine wine. The combination of the depth of the xisto, the sea breeze and the sun of the Rías Baixas.

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