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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: 88FA-820D3


Mountain Blanco 2019

At higher elevations of Malaga’s Axarquia region, on steep slopes of poor schists around the village of Cómpeta, some “surviving” vineyards still form part of the landscape.This is the origin of Mountain Blanco, a truly artisanal wine and assemblage of micro-plots of old, gnarled Muscat vines. Mountain Blanco is quite unique, a dry white with a remarkable mouthfeel, showing complexity and great balance between freshness and ripeness.

Region: Sierras de Málaga

Villages: Cómpeta / Archez

Places: La Esparraguera, Fogarate, La Loma

Varieties: 100% Muscat of Alexandria

Viticulture: Traditional. Old bush vines, many of the vineyards in polyculture vineyard / olive tree. Manual harvest.

Elaboration and aging: Pressed in oil presses with esparto mats. Bottle aged.

Soils: Shallow, stony and fine textured soils developed from Paleozoic schists. Very steep vineyards mainly facing south and west, located at 550 and up to 1000m meters.

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