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MIRANIUS Xarello 2018

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“Miranius” – a clever fox who ventures into our vineyards and is delighted by the sweet aromas of the grapes.

Miranius is a lively, vibrant wine that ages well in the bottle. It is made 100% from the Mediterranean variety Xarel·lo and has strong varietal character with crisp acidity and a good palate.

Miranius is intended to express the richness and singularity of the landscapes of the Penedès region. That’s why it’s made using grapes harvested from a selection of Xarel·lo vineyards distributed in three main areas of the territory: Plana del Penedès, Muntanyes de l’Ordal (vineyards at an elevation of 400 metres) and Vall del Bitlles. All these vineyards are cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

All Celler Credo grapes are harvested by hand to ensure a precise selection of the fruit and to guarantee its excellent quality. Furthermore, we take great care over grape ripening with the aim of producing wines with natural, fresh acidity with the intention of achieving an expressive and balanced wine.

The must fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks on our own yeasts from Celler Credo’s vineyards, an essential element for producing truly terroir wines.

This wine may contain natural sediments due to our minimal intervention. Miranius 2018 is produced and bottled on the property.

Variety: 100 % Xarel·lo

Total Sulphur dioxide: 33 mg/l (150 mg/l is the max. permitted by the EU for organic white wines)

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