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MESTIZAJE Blanco Organic 2019

Dostępność: brak towaru
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Producent: Mustiguillo
Kod produktu: A12D-78072


Młode, organiczne, certyfikowane wino z upraw na ponad 900 m npm.

Szczepy: Merseguera, Malvasía, Viogner

"Crafted with Merseguera, an indigenous varietal, almost lost, grown at our estate CALVESTRA, at more than 900 mts. height in an ecological frame viticulture.

Merseguera vines were grafted into already existing Bobal vines (40 years old) that due to the altitude of the estate, never came to ripe in an appropriate way, Mustiguillo is working to recover all the possibilities and potential that this grape had in the past in this territory, thanks to the Mountain weather conditions."



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