Les PRUNES Blanc de Mandó 2018

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Dostępność: duża ilość
Wysyłka w: 48 godzin
Cena: 59,99 zł 59.99
zawiera 23% VAT, bez kosztów dostawy
Cena netto: 48,77 zł
bez 23% VAT i kosztów dostawy
ilość szt.
Ocena: 4
Producent: Celler del Roure
Kod produktu: DF13-4668E
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"The front label says BLANC DE MANDÓ because it is producing a white wine with this unfairly forgotten red variety that one day made us fall in love with and it is called mandó. The back label says VI VERGE and this is because it has no pressed wine, only virgin most; and also ROSAT because in the end it comes that this white wine is in fact pink.

The amphorae have also something to say. Les prunes finishes fermenting and aging for six months in our 2,800 litres buried amphorae. What would it be of our clay jars without our pretty and subtel mandó and what would it be of our mandó without our beautiful sleeping jars?

And why do we call this wine les prunes? Because it is meant to be pure and fresh fruit that you encounter in a bush a summer evening, the wild delicate plum that has not finished its ripeness but can be lovely smelled in the morning as a bird has come and has been about to taste it with its peak."

Pablo Calatayud


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