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LAS QUEBRADAS Monastrell 2018

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Producent: Enrique Mendoza
Kod produktu: 5ED1-948E8


Las Quebradas is a 100% Monastrell, made from a single vineyard located in "Las Quebradas" spot in Villena, situated at 500 meters above sea level and with soil characteristics which makes it unique. The vineyard lives on rock and the soils are stony "caliche stones" and poor in vegetal material. It is a traditional vineyard with 1500 plants per hectare in goblet- pruned and without any irrigation support; the fertilizer is made from ecological sheep manure which is fermented by us. It is a vine in which we work with the concept of “zero residue”, it has never received any weedkillers and of course, any insecticides either, we only work with sulphur in powder, copper, and natural biological help like the “bacillus turugensis” for the moth and a lot of conscience. This wine has remained for 16 months in French oak barrels.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: The colour is red pillory with garnet sparkles and medium high layer. In the smelling phase the memories of Mediterranean herbs flooded: rosemary, lavender, thyme, esparto grass, small pine and many balsamic that apports freshness. It also highlights its great minerality and depth, the passage through barrel gives this wine of smoked and tobacco notes. In mouth is large and powerful but still elegant. The caliche soils infuse large sweet and fatty tannins. It is our little tribute to the Alicante province, with this wine you will enjoy the sun, our land and our people.  

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