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GABA do XIL Branco 2019

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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: 9704-30585


Gaba do Xil offers an update on the wines of interior Galicia. An Atlantic wine with continental influence. Mature and fresh, expressive and serious, Gaba do Xil shows the virtues of the Godello grape and the singularity of soils evolved on slates.

Region: Valdeorras

Villages: Larouco and Santa Cruz

Places: A Pedreira, A Torgueira, O Barreiro, Valerio, Valdemás

Varieties: 100% Godello


Grapes from own vineyards and from suppliers practicing traditional viticulture. Manual harvest in boxes. Grape selection in the vineyard.

Elaboration and aging: Native yeasts. Matured for 4 months on its lees in stainless steel tanks.

Soils:Located between 400 and 500 meters of altitude. Reddish, clayey soils on metamorphic slates.

Vintage characteristics: After the devastating frost of 2017 and the mildew attacks of 2018, 2019 was a vintage characterized by good plant health and good yields in the vineyards (except those affected by hail in summer). Budbreak was late but harvest was earlier compared to 2018, starting on September 6. We picked well ripened grapes of high quality, showing good balance between alcohol and acidity. In the case of Godello, harvest was abundant.

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