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Escurçons is exclusively made of Red Grenache and comes from the vineyard of the same name situated within the lands of Gratallops village wines at the top of the Serra Alta hill.

The factors like the soil - ferruginous slate, being situated at 601m above the see level with a South, South-West exposition grant the wine this curious sensation of ethereal fragility, minerality and bold maturity that is unmistakable.

Escurçons is a journey through time; a look, a reflexion of the wine that used to be made on this very vineyard before phylloxera by the people of Ca l’Olives.

Designation: D.O.Q. Priorat

Varieties: 100% Grenache

Soil: ferruginous slate

No of bottles: 2,691 (75cl.), 18 Magnums, 6 Double Magnums

Vintage 2015 characteristics:

2015 is a very special vintage as we had a fire around the vineyard. It was the 9th June and grapes were very, very small, but they were already there. A lightning at 3PM started a fire that burn uncontrolled for 4 hours and it was extinguished in just 24. 350 vines from the vineyard were destroyed. The rest… we need to wait to see it. 2015 is a very unique vintage with very unique flavors as you will taste.

Couple of words about the vinification and aging:
After harvesting the grapes we have macerated them with the stems for 5 days prior to fermentation. Next we destemmed the macerated grapes and allowed them to go through the fermentation jointly with the stems in 300L clay pots from Miravet in constant temperature of 25 Centigrade achieved naturally thanks to the properties of the clay. This way we managed to preserve the subtle and fresh aromas of the Grenache variety. During the fermentation, all the smoky flavors appears very strongly. We applied a soft pigeage by hand and after some weeks we pressed and moved the wine to foudres of 1000 and 1500L to age for 20 months trying to integrate as much as possible the smoke into the wine. It was bottled in April 17.

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