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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: 788A-118EF


El Transistor is the purest and most sincere expression of grapes from very old vineyards in the village of La Seca. This wine reflects the best expression of Verdejo: bushvines, low yields, a simple and respectful winemaking process, and our 20 years of experience and knowledge of this area, make this a very consistent wine.

Region: Rueda

Village:La Seca,

Places: El Monte and Valdelaíno

Varieties: 100% Verdejo

Viticulture: Traditional viticulture, very old bushvines. Manual harvest in boxes.

Elaboration and aging:

With indigenous yeasts in concrete, wooden barrels and foudres of different sizes. 6/7 months of aging.

Soils:  Gravel on fluvial terraces of the Quaternary.

Vintage characteristics: 2019 was a dry year in Rueda. Apart from a notable reduction in yields, this had a very positive impact on the sanitary state of the vineyards. The extraordinarily healthy grapes were transformed into wines of high concentration and quality.

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