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Dolç de Mendoza 2014

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Producent: Enrique Mendoza
Kod produktu: 3540-7612D


The Dolç de Mendoza is a sweet natural wine made with 100% Monastrell grapes, harvested from our vineyards located in “Finca El Chaconero” at “Cabezo de la Virgen” area, in Villena. Just in very special years, Dolç de Mendoza can be made, as we need extremely healthy grapes, capable of tolerating  the  over  maturing  of  the  plant  until  being harvested the first week of December. Once the grapes are picked, are crushed and separated from the sticks, and afterwards it passes to the stainless-steel deposits for fermentation. The yeasts which transform the sugar in alcohol ferment the grape juice to 15,5% of alcohol. Due to the high alcoholic power, many of them die, leaving a big amount of sugar not being fermented and providing the wine of an equal balance between alcohol and sugar. Later it stays 36 months in new American oak barrels to soften the tannins and to provide it of a smoked and toasted bouquet. It  is  bottled  not  being  passed  through  cold  and  without  suffering  any clarification, therefore with the aging it may appear natural sediments over time.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: It  presents  a  red  cherry  colour,  with  violet reflections, of high layer and dense in the glass. In the olfactory phase we are impressed  by abundant primary aromas of berries like blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, leaving behind them fine smoky notes and spices such as cinnamon and cloves. In  the  mouth  the  high  level  of  glycerine  and residual sugar lightly touches our palate, after this the soft tannins and the acidity cleans us. On the after taste the smoked notes and the toasted bread taste remain in our mouth for a long time.

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