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Producent: La Comarcal
Kod produktu: 3724-365A8


Vintage 2017

Type of grape: Garnacha, Bobal y Syrah

Aging: 8 months en stainless Steel tank  and old barrels

Production: 12.500 botellas
Delmoro is our wine from the village of Venta del Moro, which comes from different vineyards between 15 and 50 years old of age. The main grape is the Garnacha, which comes from a plot of 4 Hectares planted in 1987 in the área of “El Guindal”. 

Wine Making Process :
The different varieties are elaborated separately, fermenting, with autochthonous yeasts in stainless steel tank. Garnacha remains in a stainless steel tank, while Bobal and Syrah are transferred to old 225-liter barrels where they undergo malolactic fermentation and are aged for 8 months.  
Bottled without clarification and filtered by 5 microns.

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