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DAUCO Tempranillo 2018

Dostępność: brak towaru
Cena: 33,50 zł 33.50
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Producent: Martúe
Kod produktu: 94AF-3814F


A wine mostly elaborated with our variety Tempranillo, fermented at low temperature to maintain the aromas of fruit and flowers. D.O. Vino de La Tierra de Castilla is a quality Appellation of Origin in Toledo. The result is a modern wine, with plenty of fruit, combined with good toasted barrels. A wine with an excellent quality-price for a Spanish Tempranillo. Red cherry, dark coloured. Good intensity aroma clearly revealing the sun from the land it comes from. Ripe fruit, tinged by the barrel. Easy to drink although its palate will leave nobody indifferent. Long memory on the aftertaste.

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