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Chivite Colección 125 Blanco 2017

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Producent: Chivite
Kod produktu: 05E7-342E8


At Legardeta, the Chardonnay has found a unique stronghold, with perfect climate and soil conditions for obtaining wines with the kind of typicity, complexity and exceptional ageing ability only found in a very few terroirs around the world.

The Colección 125 Blanco comes from a selection of grapes from a single plot known as "Las Mercedes” located on a north-facing slope with a clay-loam texture at an altitude of 480 m. Thanks to this location, combined with the influence of the Atlantic-Continental climate, the Chardonnay varietal is able to ripen gradually, without drying out or producing an excessive increase in potential alcohol, while preserving excellent levels of acidity, aromatic potential and expressiveness.

The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in crates so that they arrive intact at the winery where they are sorted. After a short maceration, the grapes are pressed at low pressure. Only the best quality free-run must is used, which is then transferred into 225-litre barrels where it ferments and ages with its lees in suspension for about a year.

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