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CORTINA Sidra de Hielo

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Producent: Cortina
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Ice cider is a fermented product made of ice apple juice from 100% Premium apples. The climate, the landscape and the variety are the three key factors why Asturias is considered a unique region, birth place of quality apples.

Approximately 5 kg of apples are needed just to obtain 375 ml of this ice cider. Old gold in a glass, thick and shiny, a treat for the senses. A pure Apple fragance and a sweet and intense explosión of flavour, with 12% alcohol leaves place for the sourness and the freshness of the fruit from the “Maluspumila”. A ripe product ready to be consumed bu it will also improve positively if bottled.

Type of cider: Ice Cider

Alcohol: 12%

Natural concentration of sugar: >100g/l

Apples: A mixture of Premium cider varieties from Asturias (Spain)

Elaboration method: “Cryoconcentration” (from ice apple juice)

Fermentation: At low temperature, alcoholic during 6 months and partly malolactic.

Serving temperature: Around +4 degrees Celsius.

Conservation and Storage: Although this product is totally ready to be consumed, it can also be stored for years.

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