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CORTINA Sidra Natural Villacubera

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Producent: Cortina
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Villacubera is a unique natural cider. It is made using exclusive cider apples which are collected from the best apple orchards in Asturias. The bitter-sharp “Villacubera” apples produce an  aggressive cider which only softens after it has been matured in tanks over a long period. Some of its main characteristics are its fine aroma, rich in nuances, and is soft and flavoursome on the palate with subtle bitter hints.

Type of cider: Natural “traditional”.

Denomination of Origin: “Sidra de Asturias” (Asturian Cider).

Alcohol strength: 6% Vol.

Type of apple: Mixture of acidic and bitter cider apple varieties, selected as P.D.O. “Sidra de Asturias”. Maturation control on the farm. Hand collected. Hand selected.

Milling: Lobular (not grated).

Maceration: Yes, in certain conditions.

Apple juice: “Flor” sweet and thick juice (obtained from the initial squeezes of the press) and the stronger, bitter yet more liquid “torcipié” juice (obtained from the last final squeezes of the press).

Fermentation: Alcoholic <15ºC y Malolactic <14ºC in stainless steel tanks.

Serve at: 12-14ºC.

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