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CORTINA Sidra Natural 2022

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After a careful selection of the best varieties of cider apples from the Principality of Asturias, we obtain apple juice which is then pumped to our storage tanks where it is fermented under individually controlled temperatures. Finally, following tradition, it undergoes racking when the moon is waning at the beginning of the year, and then it is matured in oak vats. The result is a fresh, straw-coloured cider with a fruity aroma which is easy on the palate. It is a natural quality cider with its own distinct style.

Type of cider: Natural “traditional”.

Alcohol strength: 6% Vol.

Type of apple: Mixture of a variety of cider apples. Maturation control. Hand collected. Hand selected.

Milling: Lobular (not grated)

Maceration: No.

Apple juice: “Flor” sweet and thick juice (obtained from the initial squeezes of the press) and the stronger, bitter yet more liquid “torcipié” juice (obtained from the last final squeezes of the press)

Fermentation: Alcoholic <16ºC y Malolactic <15ºC, in stainless steel tanks and oak vats.

Serve at: 12-14ºC

Conservation: A slightly ventilated and dark place. Room temperature less than 15ºC. Optimum humidity: 70%

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