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Producent: Cortijo los Aguilares
Kod produktu: A193-47623


- 100% Pinot Noir - organic vineyard
- 8 months in French oak barrels (300 and 500 litres) and in a concrete ovoid tank (1600 litres)

The 900-metre altitude of the Serranía de Ronda provides the conditions for growing Pinot Noir, thanks to the important thermal amplitude between day and night during the summer (15-20ºC of difference) and abundant rainfall during the spring.

Harvest takes place on two dates, in order to achieve a well-balanced ripeness that we preserve through a fermentation at controlled temperature and a delicate ageing.

Twice awarded in the “Mondial du Pinot  Noir” of Sierre (Switzerland) with the Gold Medal (2010) and the Great Gold Medal (2008), this Pinot Noir reflects the special terroir of Ronda, offering a floral and subtle wine, smooth and complex in the mouth with a long finish.

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