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CÓDICE Roble 2018

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Producent: Dominio de Eguren
Kod produktu: B786-486A6


Variety: 100 % Tempranillo, Tinto fino or Tinta del país.

Vineyards: Controlled old vineyards in Manchuela (Castilla).

FERMENTATION: Selected yeast (Saccharomyces bayanus). Fermentation temperature controlled between 28 and 30 ºC.

MACERATION: 8 days of maceration during fermentation with 2 daily pump-over’s. Post fermentative maceration for 6 days. Gentle extraction, one light pump-over daily.

AGING: 6 month in deposit and 6 month in French and American Bordelaise oak barrels.

Tasting notes: Ruby red with light violet in the edges of the glass. Red fruits (raspberries, blackberries) of nice intensity, coffee, toasted notes and vanilla. Well structured, balanced tannins-alcohol-acidity, fresh mature fruit in perfect conjunction with the characteristics of aging (spices, toasted coffee and noble wood). The finish leaves a pleasant memory of lightly toasted notes.

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