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COCA y FITÓ Dolç 375 ml

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Producent: Coca y Fitó
Kod produktu: 5889-520A7


D.O. Montsant

Sweet wine made from old vine Grenache and Carignan planted in clay and calcareous soils.  Late harvest wine, aged in barrels of French oak and cherry wood.  A wine with a driving freshness, clean, full of mature black berry fruit, spices and developed notes from the barrel ageing.  A wonderful and surprising wine that works as an aperitif given its freshness, or on its own.  The wine also works well with meats, cheeses and chocolate.  A seductive wine for special occasions.


60% Grenache
40% Carignan
(40 to 80 old vines – late harvest, over ripe grapes)


12 months aging in French oak and cherry wood barrels

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