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CASTRO VENTOSA Valtuille Mencía 2018

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Producent: Castro Ventosa
Kod produktu: DB3B-4664F


Grapes: 85% mencía, 10% alicante bouschet, 5% white grapes and others varieties.

Plots: Mix of grapes from 5 plots of Valtuille.

Soils: Mix of clay soils, clayey with stone, sandy clay and rich in organic matter.

Age of vineyards: Vineyards over 100 years old.

Climate: Continental and atlantic. Anual production 9.000 bottles in the first vintage (2017).

Wine description:

Castro Ventosa appears in 2017 as a wine from the village of Valtuille, in response to the new wine classification, Burgundy style, that the D.O. Bierzo wanted to implement. It is a wine selection of 5 plots, peculiar for its soils and orientations. It seeks to be an elegant and easy to drink wine, respecting to the maximum that the land gives, with a minimum intervention. For the production of the first vintage we have used grapes from the places: La Poulosa, El Olivar, El Val, La Rata (a plot adjacent to El Rapolao, with a slower maturation) and Las Gundiñas. The plots may vary according to the vintage.


The harvesting of this wine is manual and it is carried out for about 15 days, taking into account the maturation of the different plots. When we reach the winery, after destemming, we deposit the grapes in stainless steel tanks of 5,000 litters, in which the fermentation takes place naturally, controlling the temperature. The wine will macerate between 25 and 30 days, in which the only job is to wet the hat once a day. We devat and press the wine to let it rest one or two months. After this, we introduce it in 225 litter barrels of third use for a year.

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