CARA NORD Trepat 2016

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Cara Nord Trepat

Altitude: 800 m above sea level.

Varieties:  100% Trepat.

Geography: steep and hilly landscape, surrounded by high peaks and forests of oak in the Natural Park of the Prades Mountains and Natural Park of the Poblet Forest.

Soil: An area that has been nationally classified as an area of Geological interest in Catalonia. Slate, clay and limestone with rocky outcrops, cliffs and rugged mountains.

Climate: Continental-Mediterranean with cool nights that allow the vines to rest. This delays the accumulation of sugars, preserves acidity and helps in the creation of aromas. Average annual temperatureat the vineyard:  13ºCFermentation temperature: 18-23ºC.Average annual rainfall: 450-550 litres/m2Average annual sunstroke: 2.700 hours/year.

Vineyard management: Sustaineble dry farming, vegetation cover and responsible mountain viticulture; minimal interven-tion which prioritizes biodiversity.

Aging: Aged and rounded in stainless steel tanks for 10 months.

Alcoholic graduation: 13% vol.

Tasting notes: Intense purple colour with violet tones. Intense notes of red fruit like cherries & blackberries. Fresh in the mouth combination with herbal touches and atlantic freshness.

PARKER: Trepat 2015   90+ points.

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