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CARA NORD Mineral del Montsant 2020

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Producent: Cara Nord
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Mineral del Monsant. A small project of 3 hectares.

Designation of Origin: Montsant.

Varieties: 84% Carignan and 16% Grenache. This unusual assembly for the DO enhances the minerality of the Cariñena.

Type of soil: The Cariñena is planted on calcareous soils and red claysof low fertility. La Garnacha is planted in more calcareous soil.

Geography: The Montsant Mountains are formed by conglomerates with cliffs on the main ridge, accompanied by river banks that give rise to numerous grottos, caves and ravines. The mountainous terrainis an important factor and influences the quality of the grapes.

Age of the vineyards: 35 to 45 years old.

Climate: The climate is very dry in summer and cold in winter. It is an inland Mediterranean climate that acquires Continental traits in this area.

Vineyard management: Sustainable agriculture.

Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks. It is aged for 6 months in French oak.

Tasting notes: “At sight dark red. Nose of black fruit, mineral and graphite. Tobacco and chocolate notes. Subtle and balanced. On the palate spicy notes, coffee and a noble smoke. Wide-mouthed with thickness and strength. Fresh and intense flavor.”

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