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CARA NORD Garnacha 2020

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Producent: Cara Nord
Kod produktu: 936C-1198C



Varieties: 100% Grenache. Isolated vineyards, among forests.

Altitude: Elevation: Up to 800 m above sea level.

Geography: Abrupt and hilly landscape, surrounded by high peaks and forests of oak trees with rocky slopes, cliffs and steep mountains. All in the setting of the Prades Mountains Nature Reserve and the Poblet Nature Reserve.

Type of soil: Former mining area classified as a site of “Geological Interest”. Poor dirt with slate, boulders and calcareous clay.

Climate: Continental-Mediterranean with cold nights that allow the vineyard to rest and slows down the accumulation of sugars, preserving the acidity and helping to build flavours.

Vineyard management: Dry farming. Ground-layer vegetation and mountain viticulture with minimal intervention that prioritises biodiversity.

Aging: No wood ageing.

Tasting notes: Cara Nord Garnacha is soft on the palate with Red fruit flavours, raspberry and strawberry with a subtle, white pepper spice note.

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