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CAN CREDO Xarello 2017

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Can Credo is made exclusively with grapes from a family-owned vineyard in la Pedra Blanca Estate –in the county of Alt Penedès, Barcelona. All of the vineyards have been cultivated according to the principles of organic, biodynamic agriculture.

We let cover crop grow spontaneously between the vines. This cover plays a crucial role, loosening the soil, regulating water retention and drainage (essential in the dry farming system we practise), and helping to foster biodiversity and maintain a balance in the vineyard ecosystem. Natural treatments based on medicinal plants (phytotherapy) are applied to the vines to control the presence of fungus and strengthen the vines defences in a natural way.

All grapes are harvested by hand in crates to ensure the excellent quality of the fruit. Before pressing, the grapes used to make Can Credo wines are inspected on a manual selection table.

Balanced and deep, Can Credo expresses the character of Xarel·lo grape grown in a calcareous soil. During the winemaking process, we destem the grapes and macerate them on the skins for some days.

Then we draw off the must without pressing to separate the most elegant and subtle fraction of the juice. Fermentation on indigenous yeast isolated from our vineyards takes place in oak casks, where the wine is aged and the bâtonnage (lees stirring) is carried out for about one month. Can Credo may contain completely natural sediments due to our minimal intervention.

Variety: 100 % Xarel·lo

Total Sulphur dioxide: 53 mg/l (150 mg/l is the max. permitted by the EU for organic white wines)

Bottles produced: 1,633

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