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The “Vinya del Rascarà 2015” wine is the third vintage of an intimate and familiar project by Ton Mata and Encarna Castillo, called BUFADORS CELLER. From the 2015 vintage, we have produced 1,827 bottles (2013 vintage: 874 bottles. 2014 vintage: 2,575 bottles). The vineyard is in the Alt Penedès, between Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and Torrelavit. It is a Xarel·lo vineyard, planted in 1999, in extremely calcareous soil, with the presence of small irregularly shaped calcium stones.

"Vinya del Rascarà" is a Brut Nature sparkling wine, made following a very special "interpretation" of the Traditional Method. Looking, in an extreme way, a very purist relationship with the "terroir". In this way, the second fermentation in the bottle is carried out with fermenting must from the vineyard itself. There are no added elements, no sugar, no commercial yeasts, no fining agents, no sulfites. In turn, it has not been filtered, nor stabilized by cold.

We believe a lot in bottle aging with the presence of “lees” and “carbonic” as enriching and protective natural elements of the wine that participate in the evolution and complexity of its aromas and flavors. For this reason, we have dared to produce a sparkling wine without added sulphites, with four years and nine months of aging. The first “disgorging” takes place in August 2020, with 57 months of aging on bottle lees.

All aging is carried out with a natural cork stopper and the "disgorging" is done manually without freezing.

Vintage 2015: Very dry and warm. April and May with practically no rain. 364 l / m2 in total, below the average, which is over 500 l / m2.

Harvest for making the base wine: 25/08/2015. Manual harvest.

Harvest for the draft must: 08/10/2015. Manual harvest.

Bottling or “tirage” date: 10/16/2015

First "disgorgement" date: 08/31/2020.

Manual without freezing

Aging: 57 months on lees (4 years and 9 months)

Number of bottles made: 1,827 bottles, all numbered

Alcoholic Grade: 11.5% by vol

Acetic Acid: 0.42 g / l

Residual sugar: <0.8 g / l

Total Acidity: 5.8 g / l AT

Acetic Acid: 0.42 g / l

Total Sulphites: <4 mg / l

Free Sulphites: <4 mg / l

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