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BLANCO NIEVA Verdejo 2021

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Producent: Viñedos de Nieva S.L.
Kod produktu: C75F-164E3



Selection of the yolk of the must, the finest and most elegant. Made with 100% Verdejo grapes from old glass vines (20%) and trellised vineyards over 25 years old (80%).

The Soil: Our very sandy, salty, nutrient-poor pebble soils produce elegant, fresh, high-quality wines.

The vintage: The 2020 vintage was characterized by being a rainy spring and a very dry summer, obtained good production of grapes, with vines with a lot of vegetation and vigour and we achieved good maturation with patience and regulating the production by removing bunches from the vines. We obtained wines of great finesse, with intense aromas and flavour, without neglecting their characteristic and particular freshness.

Elaboration: Night harvest at low temperature, cold maceration during pressing in an inert atmosphere to maintain all the aromas, fermentation at 13-14ºC in stainless steel tanks for 23 days, resting on the lees, clarified, stabilized at -4ºC and filtered. The objective is to preserve and enhance the characteristics of the variety.

Pale straw yellow colour. Intense aroma AND complexity, where white fruit and flowers stand out first, opening later to herbaceous notes with hints of grass and hay skin. In the mouth it is fresh but with a lot of volume. Fresh fruit, fennel and minerality are back. Silky mid palate, long sweet and pleasant finish that invites you to continue drinking. An elegant wine, very fruity and of great freshness. The flagship of the winery.

 D.O. RUEDA (SEGOVIANA) is characterized by sandy soils with pebbles and very poor in nutrients and an altitude of more than 900 meters, greatly influenced by the proximity of the Segovian mountains, which produces a large day / night thermal oscillation, optimal conditions for the production of an exceptional and high-quality grape.

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