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BLANCO NIEVA Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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Producent: Martúe
Kod produktu: E4CD-241DA


100% Sauvignon Blanc varietal perfectly adapted to sandy Segovian pebble soils. The vintage: The 2019 vintage was characterized by being singularly concentrated, due to the lack of rain and moderate temperatures in summer, which resulted in a lower production in the vineyard, which resulted in a lot of quality in the grapes, from intense aromas and flavor, without neglecting its characteristic and particular freshness. Preparation: Night harvest at low temperature, cold maceration during pressing in an inert atmosphere to maintain all the aromas, a prolonged alcoholic fermentation at low temperature in order to preserve and enhance the characteristics of the variety. Subtle pale yellow colour. Powerful aromatic intensity, a fine blend of herbaceous, floral and fruit aromas with tropical notes. Easy on the palate, subtle memories of fruits and flowers appear on the nose. With elegant silkiness, enveloping freshness and a long finish. A powerful, very varietal and fruity wine with great freshness. One of the best Sauvignon Blanc from D.O. Rueda.

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