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Producent: Viñedos de Nieva S.L.
Kod produktu: 3158-1947F


Elaborated in its totality with Verdejo grape of vines planted in frank standing with ages close to 100 years old coming from the hawthorns of Nieva. After its manual harvest the must ferments at low temperature to maintain all its fruit and mineral power. A clean, bright straw-yellow wine with the greenish reflections typical of the Verdejo variety. It is presented with contained aromatic intensity but of great complexity, characterized by the minerality of the soil, notes of slate, accompanied by white fruit, fresh very well integrated. In the same way we find balsamic and notes of aromatic herbs typical of the variety. The entrance is very silky fruit of the aging on fine, without losing the character verdejo in its final bitterness that gives it length. Again we find the presence of balsamic aromas and good acidity in the aftertaste. The result is a fresh wine, elegant and aromatic complexity, with great breadth in the mouth that makes it persistent. A whim that will surprise you when you try it.

RUEDA SEGOVIANA is characterized by sandy soils with boulders and very poor in nutrients and an altitude of more than 900 meters, with great influence of the proximity of the Sierra Segovia, which produces a large thermal oscillation day/night, optimal conditions for the production of an exceptional and very high quality grape.

Limited Production: 25,000 Burgundy bottles of 0.75 L Bordeaux.

Conservation: It is recommended to keep it with the bottle lying down, in a dark place, without vibrations and stable temperature between 15-20ºC.

Food Pairing and Consumption: Ideal for roasts, grilled meat, stews and stews and strong cheeses. It is recommended to serve it at 8-10°C.

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