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BASA 2021

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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: 8A92-391BF


Basa is one of the pioneering wines to show the expression of a grape variety, the ‘Verdejo’ that adapted to a continental climate gives rise to a direct, fresh and expressive wine.

Region: Rueda

Villages: La Seca, Serrrada, Pozaldez, Foncastín

Varieties: 90% Verdejo and 10% Viura

Viticulture: Traditional, vertical trellis, pruned in cordon royat. Manual and machine harvest.

Elaboration and aging: Fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks.

Soils: Gravel from fluvial terraces, erosion slopes and glacis.

Vintage characteristics: 2019 was a dry year. Apart from a notable reduction in yields, this had a very positive impact on the sanitary state of the vine­yards. The extraordinarily healthy grapes were transformed into wines of high concentration and quality.

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