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And The WINNER IS... Rosat 2020

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And the Winner is Rosat...

100% Monastrell

And the  Winner  is...  Rosat is made from grapes grown on carefully selected plots owned by Celler Credo in the Penedès region. We care for the vines and the natural environment by using organic, biodynamic viticulture practices, and we’re committed to diversity in varieties that have historically defined the essence of Penedès. We let cover crop grow spontaneously  between the vines. This cover plays a crucial role, loosening the  soil, regulating water retention and drainage and helping to  foster  biodiversity in the vineyard  ecosystem.  All Celler Credo grapes  are harvested by hand to  ensure a precise  selection of the fruit and to guarantee its excellent quality. Furthermore, we take great care over grape ripening with the aim of producing wines with natural, fresh acidity. We give priority to low-yield vineyards and dry-farmed crops, an approach that gives our wines  their  characteristic Mediterranean  identity  while ensuring responsible management of scarce water resources. The must fermentation takes place in stainless  steel tanks on our own yeasts from Celler Credo’s vineyards, an essential element for producing truly terroir wines. This wine may contain natural  sediments due to our minimal intervention.

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