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Producent: Xose Lois Sebio
Kod produktu: 266D-162C6


It is a wine from Albariño, Treixadura and others. Old vineyards bought over the years in the town of Gomariz. This wine comes from the centuries-old vines of As Viñas. A parcel wine, that is to say from a single plot planted in 1926 with a wide mix of varieties and partially re-grafted in 2010, eliminating the torrontés. Currently the Treixadura and Albariño are 90% of the surface.

It is the definition of a great aging wine, deep, structured, flavorful and elegant. The nerve and

aromatic  intensity  is  provided  by  the  Albariño.  The  structure  and  elegance,  the  Treixadura.

Originality, minority grapes. The unprecedented texture on the palate is from the Gomariz clay

soils. The structure of the Gomariz xistos highlights the mineral notes, fused together with a

great acidity that lengthens the wine in the mouth. It came with finesse, elegance, intensity and



This vintage, without winter cold and little rains in spring, favored sprouting and advanced the

wine-growing cycle. With a dry and very warm spring, until in the first half of June it shook us

with a great storm and problems of mildew in bloom. A cooler summer followed, with rains

before harvesting and a sunny September with cold nights.



It is the Gomariz parcel map, where you can see part of the parcels that make up the As Viñas

estate. It is the definition of the origin, of its historical plots and exceptional Crus.         



This  year  with  little  winter  cold,  warm  spring,  hot  summer  with  cold  nights,  it  gave  us  a

sweetness-freshness  balance,  very  good.  Long-lived,  savory  and  elegant  year  of  wine.

Fermentation in new demi-muid by plots, which were mixed one year before bottling.


Tasting Notes:

High intensity aromas on the nose. Notes of flowers, fruits, pastries, spices, mineral memories.

Balanced mouth, with texture, fresh, direct, elegant. Very long and intense finish. Wine with

character and unique that improves in the bottle.

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