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ALGUEIRA Carravel 2017

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Producent: Algueira
Kod produktu: 932A-3638E


NAME: Algueira Carravel


VARIEDAD: Mencía 100%

VITICULTURE: Fernándo González

REGION: Ribeira Sacra


SOILS: Slate

OROGRAPHY: Terraces in slopes of 60% gradient


AGE OF STRAINS: To 40 years

PRUNNING: To thumbs



HARVEST: To hand

ELABORATION:. Cold pre-fermentation maceration, stainless steel fermentation without yeast inoculation, subsequent maceration for 20 days and aging in barrels.

AGING: Minimum aging of 11 months, alternating 225-liter French oak and Galician oak barrels, 600-liter barrels and 2000-liter french oak foudres.

ALCOHOL: 14% Vol.

OTHER INFORMATION: With another expression of mencía, the part more balsamic, with increasingly prolonged steps through the wood, where only micro-oxygenation is expected without toasting taking centre stage. We intend to make a mention of our own plots, old vineyards that catalyze and express the place where they are born, slates, terraces, proximity to the river. It is a mencia of small grains with yields that do not exceed one kilo per vine and in aging we expect the aromatic notes of the terroir, never of the wood.

 TASTING NOTES: Clean and bright, medium layer, red color cherry with crimson flash. Good intensity, smelling it helps you breathe, notes of fresh spices (balsamic, myrrh and liquorice) and ripe fruits (passion fruit, currant, cassis, blackberry). Balanced, fresh, balsamic come back accompanied by notes of terroir (schists). Granadilla, currant, cassis, blackberry. Balanced, fresh, the balsamics return accompanied by notes of terroir. (Galicia wine guide).

SCORES: (Vintage 2016)

- Guide Peñín 2020: 93 points

- Gold Medal Galicien Wine Guide 2020

- 91 points Parker 2020


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