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AL-MUVEDRE Organic Monastrell 2019

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Producent: Telmo Rodriguez
Kod produktu: 522C-865C4


Al-muvedre is a monovarietal wine from Monastrell, which represents the spirit of the Mediterranean, this more southern and luminous expression which Monastrell manages to offer in a unique way.

Area: Alicante

Town: Monovar / Villena

Place: Collado de Salinas, Madara, Falcones, Solaneta, Tumanes

Variety: Monastrell

Viticulture: Traditional agriculture. Bush pruned vines. Manual harvest.

Elaboration and aging: With indigenous yeasts in INOX and cement tanks. Maturation 6/8 months.

Soils: The soils of the area where we work historically, are predominantly calcareous and with a sandy or sandy loam structure sometimes with pebbles on the surface. Very poor in organic matter and with very limited yields and production.

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