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ABADIA de POBLET Blanco 2016

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Apelacja: D.O. Conca de Barberá

Szczepy: Parellada, Macabeo

The aim of White Abadia de Poblet is to reflect the terroir from which it comes, so during its preparation it is intended to be as non-interventionist as possible. The centenarian strains chosen for the production of Abadia de Poblet blanco are located between 550 and 700 meters high, in poor lands and with ancestral practices that have varied little since their plantation. A wine with a body and notes of ripe fruit is born

Elaboration (vinification):

This wine was solely intended to mirror the territory and the terroir it was grown on so there was as little intervention as possible during the winemaking process.The bunches were sorted at the vineyard entrance right when they were harvested, in small 16-kilo bins. On entering the winery they were pressed and the must from the Macabeo was racked and poured into a concrete vat where it fermented at a regulated temperature of around 16 ºC. Following fermentation it was racked off to extract the thicker lees leaving only the finer ones. During the first two months of aging the wine was stirred once a week and then left to age by itself.

Vineyard (viticulture):

The grapes used for White Abadia de Poblet come from vineyards planted during the first half of the XX century in areas where there have always been vineyards, but where winegrowing was once combined with cereal crops grown between the vineyard rows, and almond trees were planted on the borders of the vineyards, comprising the Conca de Barberà’s three typical Mediterranean crops. Old south and south east facing vineyards on poor soils and at altitudes that, in the case of the Macabeo and the Parellada, range from 550 to almost 700 metres. Low yields and continuing to use age-old winegrowing methods, which have changed very little since the time they were first planted.

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